Looking Glass Pumpkins

These cute pumpkins are great for fall decorations around the house. It is hard to get a picture of the actual finish which looks more like glass with a reflection (instead of silver).  This is a great diy to do now because most fall decor is on sale for 50-75% off!


  • Plastic pumpkins (I found some at Michaels and the dollar store).
  • White paint or spray paint.
  • Looking glass spray paint

These are very simple to make. First spray your pumpkins white.

Wait for your white paint to dry and then spray the pumpkins with the looking glass spray paint using sweeping motions. It will take multiple quick coats of the looking glass paint to cover the pumpkins. Wait 1 minute in between coats.

That’s all! They are finished. This easy project is perfect for someone with small children who can’t use real glass pumpkins because of safety issues. 

This project took about 20 minutes and cost around $15 to complete!

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